Magidome Geodesic Hobby Dome Connectors

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You can build the dome of your dreams! Build the size that works for you! Magidomes are versatile, easy to construct, and have unlimited uses!

Each Kit includes 11 UV resistant HDPE Magidome Connectors to build one dome. No fancy calculations or cutting needed, Magidome does the math for you. Using equal length timbers you can build the size that fits your needs!

• Use 25 equal length "1x2" style timbers from your hardware store
(Our Connectors fit 19mm x 38mm or 3/4" x 1.5" timbers)
• Pre-drill and gently screw each timber snug using washer head screws.
•Customize your dome and make it into something amazing!

Great for:
• A Magical Space
• Shade Dome
• Greenhouse
• Gardens
• Chicken Runs
• Trellises
• Playhouses
... anything that inspires you.

Return and Refund Policy: Not 100% happy with your purchase? If unused please send your kit to the return address and receive a full refund. We're a tiny family-run business striving for excellence and want each of our customers to feel valued and appreciated.

Magidome Connectors are not designed to build a load bearing structure or for climbing. Please build to suit your climate and environment. Build on a level surface, brace your dome, anchor to the ground and shelter from wind. Children must be supervised in and around any Magidome.