• Build a versatile geodesic dome easily and affordably! Greenhouse? Trellis? Mini glamping yurt? The Sky is the limit, simply predrill your lumber and screw together!

    Geodesic Dome Connectors

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Build The Size You Want! Endless Possibilities!

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3 Easy Steps

Magidome Instructions

Longer lumber builds a larger dome!

Brace your dome for strength and style!

Endless Possibilities

Our Mission

Easy, and fun!

Building a Magidome is intuitive and fun.

Jenna K

I love how i can build the size that works best for me.

I love my Magidome Greenhouse.


Built one for climbing peas and vines and I love it!


Had mine up in an afternoon.


Love the fact that i can use local building materials.

  • Build an amazing festival or backyard camping dome. Magidome makes an amazing mini yurt and versatile geodesic structure for so many uses!
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