Magidome Geodesic Steel Dome Connectors

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Build the size and style you want!
 Simple, versatile, and affordable!

Each kit includes 11 steel Connectors to build one versatile Magidome!

Designed for easy assembly.
Our steel connectors are made of galvanized plate steel.
You will need to buy 25 equal length 1x2", 2x2",  or 2x4" lumber to complete your dome.
Longer lumber builds larger domes.
No fancy Math required, Magidome Connectors do that for you!!

Shade/Camping Tent, Glamping Yurt, Greenhouse, Garden Fence, Fort, Playhouse, Chicken Coop, Plant Shade and Pest Protection dome, Cloche, Vegetable Cage, Trellis, Shelter, Aviary, Kennel, Cold Frame, Hunting Blind, Party Dome, Chill Zone, Hoop House, Festival Tent, Glamping Dome, Yoga Meditation Dome, Mosquito screen stargazing dome, Cozy sleeping space or anything that inspires you!

Magidome is the perfect backyard educational DIY hobby project!

1. Simply pre-drill your lumber
2. Screw together using screws or bolts.
3. Customize!

Build to suit your climate and environment.
Assemble on a level surface, anchor to the ground and shelter from wind.
Not designed for load bearing use or for climbing.
Supervise children near your dome.