Anchoring Your Magidome to the Ground – Magidome®

Anchoring Your Magidome to the Ground

Keeping your Magidome secure to the ground is important for both safety and the investment and time put into your project.  Any dome that has a roof or sides, covered for a greenhouse or mini camping dome will have a greater surface to be affected by the weather and winds.  We always recommend building somewhere sheltered and tucked away to keep your dome secure in place.

One can pour concrete piles into the ground and anchor through the bottom of the lowest connector into the concrete for a secure attachment to the ground.

Anchor your Magidome to the ground to keep i secure and safe

Make sure if anchoring using concrete poured piles that you are taking into account local frost lines and building codes.  As well Call be for your dig to make sure theres no gas or electrical lines where your'e working.

Obviously well poured concrete piles will help maintain a strong foundation for any build, if this is not applicable in your project you can also stake rot resistant wood into the ground and then screw your existing dome to those stakes for extra security.  As well building a platform foundation is also an option that will weigh your dome down as well as lift it off the moisture of the ground

This is a great place for a dome build, secure to the ground and tucked away from harsh wind an seasonal elements.

A small magidome cabin secured to the ground