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How to Build a Gazebo

  The ideal addition to a corner in your yard, or a centre piece for ceremonies, Magidomes make a great eye catching design that is simple to assemble and wont break the bank.

For basic how-to on building your own Magidome go Here

Our galvanized 16 gauge steel connectors make easy work of building a dome.
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Magidome Geodesic Dome Connectors : The best way to build a geodesic dome

Magidome is designed to be the simplest more affordable dome building solution for easy projects for the home and garden.

How to build a geodesic gazebo with Magidome

This build utilized our maximum recommendation of 8ft 2x4". Strong rough-sawn fir lumber was used. We recommend assembling with carriage bolts with washes and nuts for longevity and easy assembly.

Start your build by finding your footprint of your Magidome. Build a pentagon with 5 lumber and start your assembling after pre-drilling holes for your carriage bolts 

To build your magidome gazebo start by finding your domes footprint.

Build a gazebo Woodworking plans :Magidome

We always recommend building on a flat surface so as to limit the uneven load on the connectors as well as the lumber.  Slight variations can be added under each corner of the dome with concrete blocks if need be.

This space makes for a unique and inviting area to spend time with those you care about

Gathering for a ceremony in a geodesic Magidome Gazebo: How to build a gazebo

When each lumber is assembled into the connectors with carriage bolts and nuts, it allows for easy set up and take down; allowing your structure to be seasonal or temporary for celebrations and festivals.

Vines and flowers are a great addition to this space

How to build a festival  camping yurt with magidome geodesic dome connectors


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