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How to Build a DIY Chicken Coop, Chicken Run, Chicken Tractor

One of the fantastic uses for a Magidome is for keeping critters in, and also others out.  The beauty of a 1v dome (Magidome) is its simplicity in shape. Other than a cube, it may simply be the most effective use of single length lumber one can use to build a structure. Because of its use of triangles, its more rigid than a cube, more sturdy and makes for a quick build.

The basic layout: choose your dome size by determining your wood length, then pre-drill and assemble on a flat surface.  From here one can add braces for added strength and durable non corroding chicken wire to the exterior.  We recommend always moving your Magidome chicken tractor with two or more people for safety and ease of transport.  

A moveable chicken tractor allows  your pets or livestock to graze on fresh grass and the mobility to be moved; fertilizing the ground in the process.

This mini Magidome rabbit run was a collaborative effort between @simplicityeverafterblog and @redhillfamilyfarmmnc

Magidome: The best Diy chicken tractor and rabbit run

Well built and small enough to move around the property, it helps keep the bunnies well fed, and the lawn trimmed! Note the hinged triangular door for easy opening and closing.

Magidome : The best diy chicken coop

The base of your dome can be wrapped easily in one long rectangular piece, the staple with strong stainless wood staples ensuring you take up the slack.

This is a unique design using our original HDPE connectors and 1x2" lumber designed and built by @blurringartandlife

Magidome Geodesic chicken coop by @blurringartandlife

If your considering adding a roof for protection from the elements such as sun and rain or light snow, Keep in mind that any covered surface will increase load on your dome. We always recommend adding braces to any Magidome project for durability and structural integrity. For more info visit Here

Braces in this case also can help keep predators out, such things like weasels and racoons can destroy a whole flock in an evening. Strong chicken wire is worth the price for the longevity of your furry or feathery friends.

We always recommend building to suit your environment, so take into consideration the placement and size of your dome and its exposure to sun, wind, rain, and snow. Sheltering your dome and anchoring solidly it to the ground will not only protect the structure but the critters inside.  Whenever building an  animal enclosure its imperative to think of the animals welfare: provide ample water, shade, protection and cozy nooks/ zones for them to frolic.  Some animals need social space so individual spaces within your enclosure may help them feel safe and less exposed.