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Magidome: How To Add Braces

Triangles are amazing. They stay rigid when other shapes warp, skew and bend. This is the magical back-bone of all geodesic design. Its due to the unique interplay of compression and tension that we find them in buildings, trusses, bridges, and even the Eiffel Tower; they hold our world together.

In regards to building a Magidome 1v geodesic dome, we always advise people to add braces.  It helps distribute forces on the dome, helps with covering for a greenhouse, with rigidity, as well as adding customized aspect to your build.  Either horizontally or diagonally these braces are simple to install and make for longer lasting and stronger builds. We recommend bracing each triangle.

Inside the Magidome Greenhouse built by @liamhollet

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This Magidome greenhouse beautifully braced before coveringA fully braced magidome geodesic dome greenhouse before covering

 You can see how the triangular bracing connects each beam in the magidome.  This distributes force and also makes for a nifty window. It is important to note that any covered dome will increase wind load and collection of snow, so build to suit your environment and climate as well as anchor well to the ground. 

For a standard brace cut with a mitre saw we use 34.5 degrees; cutting the wood standing up. You'll want both ends cut at opposing angles. Always practice safe use with power tools and if unsure ask for help from an experienced adult. 

Cutting an internal 1v dome Magidome brace to add strength and stability

Once carefully cut, it can be installed into your dome.  Notice with the mitre-cut, the brace is on a slight tilted angle.  To remediate this issue we can use a compound mitre saw (double angled) to make a slight variation for a better fit. 

Adding a brace to a Magidome geodesic dome

Here we have the angles for cutting using a compound mitre saw.  The back of the saw set to 22.5 horizontally and 24 vertically. This brace will fit into your dome without and angle, making it cleaner and also easier to clad.

Cutting a compound angled brace for flush braces in a 1v geodesic magidome

Here is a detailed video of installing a Brace by Robert Erickson

 This mini Magidome on a knee wall makes great use of space and head room for standing.  Built by @buyingthyme on instagram, each triangle is  horizontally braced. Be sure to check out how to cover your greenhouse Here

Greenhouse magidome geodesic dome design by @buyingthyme on instagram

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