Magidome: The Ultimate Diy Festival Dome for Burningman and Music Fest – Magidome®

Magidome: The Ultimate Diy Festival Dome for Burningman and Music Festivals.

Designed for versatility and ease of use Magidome® geodesic dome connectors are the DIY-ers dream product.  Its simple to pre-drill your lumber and assemble your dome in different locations.  Our design allows for every piece of lumber to be of equal length, without the need for intense math or angled cuts, making for a simple streamlined assembly process.

This dome used 8'lumber to build a remarkable gathering space for festival goers.

Magidome geodesic dome connectors are the ideal solution for building glamping, camping, and communal spaces at burningman, parties, festivals and outdoor camps.

Magidome DIY 1v geodesic dome for festivals, parties, gatherings, and more.  The ideal solution to the affordable and creative outdoor space for so many uses.  From wedding decoration to gazebo, pergola, or even greenhouse Magidomes are ideal for fun projects.

Whether at a music festival or building a camping yurt on the playa at burning man, Magidomes make a great space to camp, sleep, and come together with your friends in a unique and fun way.

As complex as the 1v dome shape may look, its simplicity is apparent upon ones first build.  Starting at the base with a pentagon and building upwards with the help of a friend make slight work of the project.

Here is a miniature dome using 4' lengths that is  large enough for an 6' adult to sleep lengthwise.  Covered in marine tarp it serves as a lovely space to camp compared to a standard tent.

Magidome camping dome for easy and unique Glamping at festivals and parties.  The simple and affordable way to create a fun and dynamic space using our geodesic dome connectors.

Once assembled its helpful to add braces if your location of build has strong external forces as well as anchor well to the ground to reduce chance of movement by elements like wind.

Covering your dome is simple with various tarps, or self-sewn canvases designed to fit your project.  The top of each domes i essentially a pentagon and the walls a long rectangle. Be aware that once covered, your dome will have more surface area to catch wind and environmental forces.

From a ceremony gathering space, to a campout or tree planting cook shack, Magidomes® are a unique and versatile structure that are both memorable and fun to create. 

Watch Andrew Szeto build his dome in no time to create an amazing space!


Build your own Geodesic Dome with Magidome Geodesic Dome Connectors. Simply pre-drill and assemble using 25 equal length lumber and our galvanized steel connectors to make magic at festivals, burningman and outdoor gatherings.