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How to build a Geodesic Dome: Garden Trellis

This is something we are the most excited to share.  The ultimate DIY geodesic addition to any garden: The Magidome Geodesic Trellis.

For basic instructions on construction go Here

Vines climb up the sides, flowers winding up and around the shape creating a remarkable visual experience.  A simple Magidome built with equal length local lumber, assembled in a few hours with our Magidome Geodesic Dome Connectors, and voila, pure magic!

Heres a gazebo trellis built using strong raw sawn fir 2x4", our steel connectors and with carriage bolts,washers, and nuts. Several panels have rigid, rust resistant fencing for the trellising material.  This dome was stained with a non toxic stain to keep the wood in good condition.

Magidome  DIY Geodesic Dome Trellis for the garden, gazebo, and vertical gardening

Here the honey suckle and climbing squash are growing on the trellis portion.

Vines climbing on the Magidome Geodesic Garden dome

Heres a remarkable build by @gardentotablewithcass

@gardentotablewithcass and her beautiful Magidome garden trellis

An ideal spot for tea and evening relaxation

Magidome vine Trellis by @gardentotablewithcass

The main idea with each of these builds is really to show of mother nature and the plants abilities to grow to their full potential.  Ideal in smaller backyards as well to blend gardening with socializing, Magidomes are an ideal solution to eye catching designs that can be put to use using affordable local building supplies.

This dome was designed for socializing at an outdoor music venue.  Equipped with lights and a disco ball for night, the true beauty come is the lupins and vines starting to climb the exterior

Magidome Geodesic Gazebo trellis. A diy geodesic dome for making nay garden magic
The same Magidome at night.
Magidome Gazebo geodesic dome. The diy geodesic dome that is affordable, and easy to build
  Ambience aside, there's a real practical reason to build vertically for the garden, especially in smaller spaces. We can optimize growing space for vines, cucumbers, even smaller squash.  Not only will a trellis allow your vines to climb and no longer compete for sunlight, it will allow your fruits to stay off the ground; away from critters and ground moisture.  When we create a Magidome trellis we have a complete circumference to grow on, as well the interior to decorate, plant, design, and utilize.  Imagine sitting in your own Magidome gazebo trellis and picking snap peas of the vines growing all around you.  This is made even more fantastic when solar string lights or fountains are added to your space.
This is a mini Magidome Cucamelon trellis by @hookandgarden

Magidome Geodesic Dome Connectors make building a geodesic dome easy, fun and affordable. Build a diy yurt, greenhouse, chicken coop, festival tent, hunting blind, trellis, gazebo, pergola, fort, shelter, shed, stage, meditation yoga dome!

This was one of the first Magidome pea trellises ever built.  We recommend of course adding internal braces for longevity and strength. Learn more about bracing Here

Magidome geodesic dome pea trellis

If you havent already ordered your own Magidome geodesic dome connectors, you can do so Here!