The Best Geodesic Dome Connector: Top reasons Why Magidome® is the bes

The Best Geodesic Dome Connector: Top reasons Why Magidome® is the best way to build a Dome.

The Best Geodesic Dome Connector:

Magidome® The Best way to build a Dome.

We have taken a classic design, and added modification to create what we believe to the the best and versatile geodesic dome connector out there.  Double Galvanized, and able to fit multiple types of fasteners, Magidome® Geodesic Dome Connectors are the ideal solution to building a 1v Geodesic Dome capable of being scaled to project needs.

Andrew Szeto shows off his amazing buuild on his youtube channel 

andrew szeto show soff his amazing Magidome® Geodesic Dome build on his awesome youtube channel

Our Connectors fit standard North American Nominal Lumber sizes which allows for fast and affordable construction with industry standard lumber.  Our simple pre-drill and assemble process makes it a simple task for most DIYers, woodworkers, and hobbyists to create a remarkable space quickly and affordably.

This Magidome Gazebo is well braces and sports a fantastic roof for those rainy days. Photo and build by Terry Kerr

Magidome geodesic dome connectors make a perfect geodesic dome project for the garden and homestead.  Make a gazebo, pergola, tent, trellis, yurt, or chicken coop easily and affordably.  We strive to make the best geodesic dome connector kit on the market. What will you build?


Magidome sets out to create the best value for your dollar to create a culture of Dome builders of all walks of life and hobbys.

This perfect assembly of struts into our Magidome connector shows the ease of use of this design. Photo by @cattleandclimate on Instagram

Magidome Geodesic Dome Connectors make building a geodesic dome easy, fun and affordable. Build a diy yurt, greenhouse, chicken coop, festival tent, hunting blind, trellis, gazebo, pergola, fort, shelter, shed, stage, meditation yoga dome!


Not only do we strive to create the most affordable dome connector on the market but we focus as well on top notch customer service and work towards building a global community of DIY dome builders that love and share their awesome designs.

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